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The KWZ product collected at (hereinafter, website) and / or downloadable mobile application (hereinafter, app), subject to these General Conditions, will be commercialized exclusively by KWZ.

The conclusion of the contracting process through the website of KWZ is conditioned to the acceptance of the General Conditions of Contract, Legal Notices and Privacy Policy of KWZ. By accessing the website, viewing, using or contracting from it, the USER consents to be governed by the General Conditions of Contract and Legal Notice and Privacy Policy. Likewise, the USER undertakes to comply with all laws and regulations that may be applicable to this website and reserves contracted through it.

The USER will be able to make reservations through the KWZ website. These services will be subject to the general conditions shown and accepted on the website and in accordance with the prices, rates and cancellation conditions shown at the time of booking. The web page will inform about the process to make the reservation.

The Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy are important parts that can not be separated from the General Contracting Conditions.

The use and contracting of the services of the website indicates the complete acceptance of the General Conditions applicable to the contract and the unequivocal manifestation of their consent to be linked under the terms set forth in the contracted services.

The reservations and contracting of the product offered by KWZ can only be made by a person of legal age and full capacity to act according to the current legislation. Therefore, the USER:p>

- You will not use the website or app for any purpose other than contracting the KWZ product.

- You may not send, transmit or extend on this web page or app, or through it, any information that is or may be harmful, obscene, defamatory or otherwise illegal, for the rights of KWZ or third parties.

- You will not make any unauthorized, false or fraudulent reservation.

- You will not use any software, routine or mechanism that interferes, or tends to interfere, electronically or manually with the operation and functionality of this website, including, but not limited to, uploading or sending corrupt data or computer viruses in any way.

- You will not detract, alter or interfere in the appearance, layout or format of this web page or its source code of support.

- You will not take actions that involve an unreasonable or disproportionate overload of the website or its infrastructure.

Without prejudice to any other right that attends KWZ, KWZ reserves the right to deny access to this web page and / or cancel any reservation, in the event that KWZ (in its own discretion) deems that the USER is not complying with the General conditions.


Beyond the strict observance and compliance with the Legislation on the protection of personal data, as well as the rules that complement, develop or come to replace the "Regulation on personal data protection" (hereinafter, RPDP); It is of enormous importance to KWZ the protection and diligent use of the information the user access to KWZ.

Any personal data that, in the use of this system the USER could disclose to KWZ, it will be understood that they have been obtained, processed and transmitted under the strict compliance of the RPDP. The personal data provided for this purpose and / or obtained through the use of the KWZ website will be used by KWZ as a reference and strictly commercial link between the USER and KWZ.

KWZ may disclose information obtained to third parties solely for the purpose of completing the reservation, and / or for administration reasons and / or card fraud and / or subsidiaries and / or subsidiaries of KWZ.


"Confidential information" means all that information or data, whether or not it is collected in written, computer or any other existing support or that could be invented in the future, that KWZ communicates or supplies to the USER, or to which the USER have access with or without knowledge and / or express consent of KWZ.

Thus, by way of enunciative but not limitative, confidential information is understood as: databases and prototypes created from the delivered documentation, own management software, access codes to computer systems, information referring to users and / or clients, numbers of telephones, email addresses, location addresses, computer programs, copies, routines, sources, functional and organic analysis, Know-How, formulas, processes, ideas, inventions (patentable or not), financial data and plans of development, strategies, content of the offers submitted and any other documentation, data or support material of KWZ or available on its website to which the USER may have access, telephone numbers, email addresses, addresses of residence, personal or food preferences or any other information that pertains to you and is relevant to the hiring or payment of the reservation or the group in the name of which it contracts.

In no case the information will be confidential regarding to:

• Any issue that appears in public literature or that becomes public domain unless it has become public domain because of the failure of one of the parties.

• Any information or knowledge (Know-How) acquired from third parties.

• Disclosure required by Law.

• Disclosure of any information at the request of Judges or Courts.

• Information regarding economic or other data that should be provided to the state, local or regional administration, by fiscal, labor or administrative contracting requirements.


It is expressly forbidden the total or partial disclosure to third-party natural or legal persons of the present relationship, of all the confidential information to which the USER may access through the contracting and execution of its services.


If for the supply of the services required by the USER, had to access files containing personal data, KWZ and the USER will ensure that it is legally possible and that you have the consent of the owner of such data, as arranged in the RPDP.

• KWZ has implemented the security measures of a technical and organizational nature necessary for the security of personal data and thus avoid their alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed.

Any personal data that, in the use of this system the USER could disclose to KWZ, it will be understood that they have been obtained, treated and transmitted under the strict observance and fulfillment of the RPDP; Based on this, the USER releases KWZ from any responsibility and is informed and gives its express and unequivocal consent to the incorporation of their data to the personal data files in KWZ, and the treatment thereof for the purpose of provision, administration, intermediation and contracting of the services provided by KWZ, the processing of reservations and the collection of products and services through KWZ, call centers, mobile communication systems ; incident management; the realization of statistics; the sending of advertising and other commercial promotions by email or any other similar means of KWZ, the realization of contests with prize and the subscription to newsletters of the aforementioned company.

The USER may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at the address of KWZ, being able to use any of the communication channels of KWZ, either by personally addressing their offices, through written communication or through e-mail to:***********. In the event that the aforementioned e-mail address is inaccessible to the user, it must be sent by postal mail to: **********, this communication must be, in both cases, signed and certified letter indicating the action requested and photocopy of the Identification Document.

The responsible of such files is Servicios KWZ, S. de R.L. de C.V.

• In compliance with the provisions of the RPDP, KWZ undertakes to preserve confidentiality in relation to such data, even if their relationship has been terminated, as well as to ensure that the personnel who develop the services are subject to such obligation, except that is required by a competent authority and / or by judicial resolution.

KWZ undertakes, in the case that they access any personal data, to the following:

• Custody, through security measures, legally enforceable, technical and organizational, to ensure the safety of them, thus preventing alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the state of technology in each moment, the nature of the data and the possible risks to which they are exposed.

• Use or apply the data exclusively for the performance of the agreed services.

• Not to communicate them, not even for the purpose of their conservation, to other people. Nor duplicate or reproduce all or part of the information, results or relationships on it.

• Ensure that the data is handled only by those employees whose intervention is necessary for the provision of the service. It is possible that the information is disclosed to third parties, provided that they are required to keep the due confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of this document.

• Once the provision of the service is completed, make sure to destroy or return the information, as well as the supports or documents in which it appears, without keeping any copy.

KWZ may disclose the information of USERS to third parties solely for the purpose of completing the client's reservation and for administrative reasons. Any data collected in this way on the website will be transmitted, in accordance with the provisions of the RPDP, to those entities that must be involved to contract the required services.

Likewise, and for the purposes of the provisions of the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data, the USER gives his consent so that KWZ can transfer his data to the addressees and in the terms and conditions previously indicated, for any country of the world, even those that do not offer a level of protection comparable to that of the RPDP.

Your consent to the processing and transfer of your personal data will be revocable at any time, a written communication to the person responsible for the file in the manner described above is sufficient. Finally, you are informed that the data will be treated confidentially and hosted on servers that meet the requirements established by Mexican law on data protection.

KWZ has one of the safest technologies in terms of data protection of your credit card. It also complies with all international standards that legislate the subject. All sections of KWZ where we request sensitive information use the SSL communication protocol. This means that the information that travels through the Internet from your computer equipment to our server makes it coded, making them indecipherable to any outsider.

This technology ensures and guarantees that your data can not be intercepted, manipulated or impersonated, in any way. In this way, payment through the Internet is now as safe as direct purchase.


The USER acknowledges and agrees that the elements and intellectual property rights (including without limitation any copyright, patent, trademark of products or services and industrial secrets) relating to the KWZ website (including, without limitation, its General Conditions, rules, guidelines and procedures and KWZ Confidential Information), and that the USER receives or accesses are the exclusive property of KWZ or its suppliers.

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Except as regulated in the General Conditions, the USER is prohibited from copying, reproducing, modifying, transmitting, selling, leasing, marketing or disclosing to third parties the contents (and / or any of its elements) provided and exposed by KWZ.

KWZ is not responsible for errors, or inaccuracies with the reality, content or any of its elements.

The USER acknowledges and accepts that the mere disclosure or access to the information or data available on this website does not constitute an offer by KWZ for the sale or other transmission of such elements.


The information on this website has been introduced in good faith, KWZ can not guarantee that it is completely free of defects or typographical errors, therefore, KWZ does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions that may exist on this website.

The information on reservations and other services provided by KWZ is the most adjusted to reality considering that the data is provided by the service providers, KWZ is not responsible for the lack of correspondence of the information provided with the actual service provided by the provider.

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To the extent permitted by law, KWZ excludes any implied warranties regarding the veracity and accuracy of the information, services and materials contained on this website. Such information, services and materials are provided as they are and how they are available, without any guarantee.


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The information on food services and other services provided by KWZ is in accordance with the data provided by the service providers, so KWZ is not responsible for the lack of correspondence of the information provided with the actual service provided by the provider.