There are 2 ways to confirm a reservation: i) request reservation and ii) immediate reservation. If an icon with the legend "Instant booking" appears in the Chef's ad, then the user can book at that time. Otherwise, you must request the reservation with the chosen Chef by clicking on "Request booking".

If the user chooses an ad with "Request booking", Kweezing recommends that you request more than one Chef to increase your chances of booking. At the time the user requests a reservation, Kweezing automatically notifies the Chef of the request along with the following data: date, number of guests, time, menu, kitchen workshop (if applicable), profile photo and name. The Chef will be able to evaluate the Diner's profile and the reviews he has received from other Chefs before making a decision. The Chef can accept or reject the request and will automatically notify the response to the user.

To view pending requests, the user can go to Your Reservations> Pending requests. If the request was accepted, the Diner will finally decide whether to continue with that reservation or not. If you click on "Book" you will proceed to the payment of the reservation. If the request was rejected, the Diner cannot continue with the booking process.

If the reservation request is finally accepted by the Chef, it is the Guest who has the decision to book or not.

In both the "Request booking" and "Instant booking" mode, once the Diner decides to start the "Reservation Confirmation" process, Kweezing will display all the information related to the Service and the amount you will have to pay. The user will have 10 minutes to complete the transaction. A successful transaction implies the acceptance of the parameters of the reservation and the consequent confirmation. Subsequently, Kweezing will show the Diner a window where he can write down the food restrictions he wants to inform to the Chef. In case of not requiring any restrictions, the Diner can skip this step.

Both parties will receive the notification of confirmation of reservation and, at the same time, it will appear in the Calendar (Go to Your Reservations> Calendar) of each user, as well as in upcoming reservations (Go to Your Reservations> Diner Reservations).