Search for Chefs


Getting started

The process for searching Chefs is simple. The first thing that the user will find on the home page will be the following criteria to choose: "City", the option to select "Host Chef" or "Invited Chef", "number of Diners" and "date".

City: the user can search for a specific city or a specific address. Kweezing maps use the Google Maps API, so sometimes the address may not be accurate.

Host Chef: A Host Chef prepares their dishes to welcome Diners into their home. The user should select this option if his interest is to visit a Chef in his house.

Invited Chef: An Invited Chef prepares his dishes directly at the Diner’s house. The user must select this option if his interest is that a Chef goes to cook to his house, or to the place that this user decides.

Number of Diner: In this box, the user must select the number of people who will attend the reservation. The ads that can receive this number of diners will be displayed.

Date: the user must select the date in which he wants the service to be performed. It can be booked up to one month in advance, taking into account the date of search. If the user searches for a service for that same day or the next day, then he must additionally specify the time at which the service is required.

Once these options have been selected, the user will click on "Search" so that the corresponding search results are displayed.


Search Results

The results will be displayed on the map and in grid form. In addition, the user can refine their search by applying the following filters:

Type of service: the user can change, if desired, his service mode, choosing from "Host Chef", "Invited Chef" or "Group event".

Price range: the user can define the minimum and maximum price that he is willing to pay, per person, for service provided. The wider the range, the greater the number of results.

Time range: the user can delimit the range of time in which he wants the service to start. The wider the range, the greater the number of results.

Type of food: Kweezing promotes the local gastronomy although the user can also find, if desired, options that suit his personal wishes.

Immediate booking: it is considered "Immediate booking" when it is not necessary the prior authorization of the "Host Chef" or "Invited Chef". At the moment of payment of the service, the reservation is automatically confirmed. In case of deactivating this option, all ads will be shown, no matter the booking condition. Diners could request reservation and wait for the response of the Chef. If the Chef accepts the request, then the guest can proceed to the payment of the reservation and its consequent confirmation.

Diet: the user will be able to select a specific diet ("vegetarian", "vegan", "organic" or "gluten free") and Kweezing will show the ads of Chefs that fulfill, in one of their menus, with that type of diet.

Space characteristics: the user will have the opportunity to select the space that best suits his wishes (for example: "interior", "exterior", "available parking", "disabled access", etc.). Note: This filter is only applicable in the "Host Chef" mode.

Type of seats: the user will have the opportunity to select the type of seats that best suits his wishes (for example: "chair", "bench").

Note: This filter is only applicable in the "Host Chef" mode.

Pets: activating the box "I want to take my pet" the user will be able to take their pet to the house of the "Host Chef". Similarly, in case of selecting the "Invited Chef" mode, activating the "I have a pet" box will show the results of Chefs who can be around pets.

Languages that you master: the user can specify the languages that dominates, in order to facilitate the communication with the Chefs.

I want to learn how to prepare the dishes: if this box is selected, Kweezing will show the Chefs that are willing to teach Diner, within the service and for an additional price, how to prepare their own recipes.

Finally, by clicking on the "Apply filters" button, the new search will be generated according to those specifications given by the user. The "Cancel" button displays the previous results without the filters applied.

Selecting an ad will open a new window in your browser.


Chef’s Ad

The ad of each Chef is composed as follows:

  1. Chef Information: the user will have access to the Chef's description, the general evaluation that other users have made of his ad (5 stars being the highest score) and the evaluation according to specific criteria (flavor, space, hygiene, portion of the dish, ad’s veracity).
  2. Ad description: the user will have access to the ad’s description made by the Chef along with the following specifications as icons:
    1. if the ad is a private event or "Group Event".
    2. if the ad has “Immediate Reservation” activated.
    3. if the ad offers a menu with a specific diet.
    4. if the ad offers "Kitchen workshop".
    5. if the ad accepts or has pets.
    Note: In case the ad is in "Group event" mode, the number of available seats will be displayed.
  3. Booking dialog: Kweezing configures by default the parameters of the reservation that the user specified in the search (date, number of people and, if applicable, “Kitchen Workshop” and time). The user can modify the configuration according to the availability and restrictions that the Chef has established. Two additional data will be displayed:
    1. Price of the reservation: price, service fee and total of the reservation.
    2. The selected menu ("Chef's menu"). The user will know what the menu consists of in the following section and, if desired, the user can select the other menu options to be announced below.
    If the user agrees with the description of the advertisement, and has properly configured his reservation, then he may either i) request a reservation or ii) reserve in case of "Instant Reservation" mode.
  4. Menus: each Chef has the option to create, in his ad, up to 3 specific menus. There is a fourth menu called "Chef's Menu", in which the Chef prepares surprise dishes and, therefore, he doesn’t have to specify the characteristics of the food he’s preparing. The other three menus have descriptions of the times, drinks, specific diet and, where appropriate, specification of allergenic foods.
  5. Ad’s characteristics: the Chef sets specific parameters for his Ad such as:
    1. Type of food, could be Local or another.
    2. Cancellation policy: light, moderate or strict.
    3. Availability: days of the week the Chef offers his services and the time he can receive diners.
    4. Space characteristics: defines the characteristics of the place where diners will receive their service.
    5. Seat type: defines where diners will seat to receive the service,
    6. The Chef has pets.
    7. Languages that the Chef dominates.
  6. Location: The ad will show the approximate location of the “Host Chef” or “Invited Chef” area of coverage.
  7. Reviews: At the end of the advertisement the user will have the opportunity to read the evaluations that the Diner have made to the Chef. This part serves as additional criteria.