To access the profile or account of Kweezing, the Diner must be logged or, if necessary, complete the registration. The Diner will additionally have the option to become a Chef by clicking on "Become a Chef" in the upper right side of the screen.

Your profile will be divided into 3 panels:

  1. Desktop: The Diner can review their notifications and manage their pending evaluations.
  2. Your reservations: the Diner will have access to all information regarding the status of their reservations:
    1. Calendar: it will unfold 5 weeks. If there is any activity in one of those weeks, or on selected days, that date will be marked with color.
    2. Diner’s reservations: the user will have Access to all confirmed reservations. The first reservation that the Diner will have in view will be the closest in date. Then, with less detailed information, the rest of the reservations will be displayed in chronological order.
    3. Host Chef’s reservations: The Diner can become a Chef by clicking on the button that appears there "Become a Chef".
    4. Your Group Events: Since Events are in charge of the Host Chef, the Diner can, once again, become a Chef by clicking on the button that appears there. Once the Host Chef announcement is created and finished, the guest can create "Group Events".
    5. Invited Chef’s reservations: the Diner can become a Chef by clicking on the button that appears there “Become a Chef”.
    6. Pending requests: In this section the Diner will be able to see all the requests that he has sent to the Chefs. Each request can have three different status ("Accepted", "Rejected" or "Pending"). Overdue applications will be automatically deleted.
    7. Transactions: The Diner gets to view all the movements of his account, such as payments and refunds.
  3. Your account: In this section the user will be able to view and update the information of his Kweezing account.
    1. Personal information: The user will be able to view and modify his personal information and his profile picture.
    2. Payment Preferences: only for Chefs.
    3. Account: The user will be able to verify, update and / or modify his email and phone number. The user can also reset your password and / or suspend his account. The suspension of the account implies the cancellation of the future confirmed reservations and the consequent penalty for those cancellations.