How to book?


On the homepage, Kweezing offers a search dialog that contains the following criteria: city, mode of service: Host Chef or Invited Chef, number of Diners and date. If the date selected for the service is that same day or the day after the request date, then the user will have to additionally select the time required for that service.

Once the homepage information is specified, Kweezing will proceed to present the results that match those criteria. The user can view the entire Chefs offer and, at the same time, you can add additional search criteria (See "Search results"). From there, you will be able to select the profiles that most attract your attention and study their main characteristics, such as "Chef's information", "Chef's reviews", "Ad description", "Menus", etc. (See "Chef’s Ad"). If the Chef is to your liking, you can request a reservation or, if necessary, book immediately (see "Booking"). The reservation will be considered confirmed when the Diner makes the corresponding payment.