Receive Payments


To receive payment of the services provided as Chef in any of its modalities, it is necessary to set up a payment method. To set up payment preferences, the user must go to the "Your account" panel and then to "Payment Preferences". Click on Add account and select if you reside in Mexico or another country:


  1. Chefs residing in Mexico may choose to receive their payments in a bank account established in Mexico (wire transfer) or through PayPal. To add a bank account it is necessary to have this information: i) Name of the account holder or beneficiary, ii) Name of the bank to which the account belongs, iii) CLABE of 18 digits and iv) RFC (optional) to generate the SAT payment vouchers. To receive payments through PayPal you must set "PayPal" as the bank name and enter your email with which you have created your PayPal account (you need a PayPal account to receive payments by this means, you can create your account at

  3. Chefs with residence outside of Mexico can only receive their payments through PayPal. They must provide the name of the beneficiary of the account and the email with which the user has created their PayPal account. If you do not have PayPal account, you need to create a new one at


When determining your price per person, consider the 5% commission for Kweezing for each confirmed reservation.

Chefs who offer their services in Mexican territory may receive their payments in one of the following ways:

  • Chefs will be able to invoice their services up to 5 business days after having performed the service to receive their payment without any type of tax burden.
  • Chefs who do not wish to invoice or do not invoice within the term granted to generate the invoice, we will deduct the tax burden to pay for their service: 16% for Value Added Tax (IVA) and 10% for transfer of administrative charge. SERVICES KWZ will generate a voucher with a generic RFC.

Chefs that offer their services outside the Mexican territory will receive payment vouchers for the Services with a generic RFC for foreigners.