Your Ads


A Chef can have up to 2 ads, one for "Host Chef" and another one for "Invited Chef". These can be managed, modified, finished, published and unpublished within the "Your Ads" panel. If you have just one ad, Kweezing will show you a button to create the ad for the other mode (either "Host Chef" or "Invited Chef").

With the "Host Chef" Ad created and completed, the Chef can create "Group Events" on the available calendar days. These can be managed in the "Your Ads" panel.

The Chef will be able to create as many "Group Events" as he wants (as long as it is an event per day and carried out, as a later date, one month later). The Host Chef can eliminate the "Group Event" without penalty, as long as there are no confirmed Diners. Otherwise, it will be taken as a cancellation. If a "Group Event" has 2 or more confirmations and is still canceled, the number of cancellations reflected in your Ad will equal the number of canceled confirmations. Finished and published ads will appear in the results of the Diner’s search when they are matched with their search criteria. The ads can be modified at any time, but the confirmed reservations, previous to such modification, will maintain the previous conditions.