Chef’s Profile


To access the profile or account of Kweezing, the Chef must be logged in or complete the registration.

The profile is divided in 4 panels:

  1. Desktop: Chef can review his notifications and manage his pending review. Note: remember that the Chef is already, by default, a Diner, so at any time he can make reservations to other Chefs.
  2. Your Ads: administrate all your Ads, Host Chef, Invited Chef or Grupo Events. See your Ads.
  3. Your reservations: This panel offers all information regarding the Chef’s reservations:
    1. Calendar: administrate your agenda and all confirmed reservations.
    2. Diner Reservations: all your reservations you made with other Chefs will be here.
    3. Host Chef Reservations: all confirmed reservations as Host Chef will appear here.
    4. Your Events: all active events created as Host Chef will appear here.
    5. Invited Chef Reservations: all confirmed reservations as Invited Chef will appear here.
    6. Pending Requests: all pending requests will appear here depending in your role participation:
      1. As Diner
      2. As Host Chef
      3. As Invited Chef
    7. Transactions: the user can see all transactions in his accout, like payments or refunds.
  4. Your Account: in this panel, the user can see and update his account information.
    1. Personal Information: the user can see and update his personal information and profile picture.
    2. Payment preferences: the user can manage his payments account.
    3. Account: the user can verify, update and/or modify his e-mail and mobile phone. Restore his password and suspend his account. Suspending his account implies that all confirmed reservations will be cancelled and cancellation penalties may apply.