Your Reservations


To see the confirmed reservations as a Diner the user must be logged in. Within your account, in "Your reservations", located in the upper right side of the panel, you can consult your "Calendar", "Diner Reservations" and "Pending requests". In the calendar will appear the confirmed reservations marked on the corresponding days. In "Diner Reservations" the user will be able to see, in list form, his next reservation, as well as the following reservations.

The closest reservation will have more details than the following. However, if the user wants more information about the rest of the reservations, he can click on the "View details" button to see the whole itinerary of the chosen reservation.

Within the booking details, the user will have access to the Chef's contact information. You will also have the option to make modifications to that reservation or, if necessary, cancel it (See "Cancel or modify a Reservation").

In Pending requests the user will be able to see the requests that he has sent to different Chefs and the status of the same in their different states: "Accepted", "Rejected" or "Pending".